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Our Team

Rev. (Dr.) Sharon Tam, Lead Pastor


Sharon has been a Christ-follower for over thirty years and a pastor for twenty of those years.  She has a diverse background ranging from teaching high school math in the Philippines, being the lead pastor in multi-cultural churches, being an English pastor in a Chinese church (before her last name became Tam), being the team lead on mission trips, being a guest lecturer and speaker at various events and institutions, being an author, and a spiritual director.  She studied at Canadian Theological Seminary (now Ambrose Seminary), has a doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary, and studied spiritual direction at Tyndale Seminary.  Her passion is to see people from all walks of life dwell more fully in the love of God that is found in Christ Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit.  She enjoys exploring nature, cooking and savoring ethnic foods, traveling, reading, visiting friends, watching action-packed movies and spy shows, continually learning, being warm, and eating chocolate and strawberries.  She especially enjoys being surprised by God as people are set free to live with greater ease and delight in Christ’s kingdom.  For more information about Sharon, please visit her personal webpage here: http://www.sharontam.com

Management Team

2019 Management Team

  • Terrence Smith         Chair Person (year 3)
  • Winsome Smith        Treasurer (year 2)
  • Marion Best               Care & Visitation (Year 3)
  • Joe Paiva                   Maintenance (Year 1)
  • Joshua McClement    Secretary (Year 1)
  • Lynn Cover                 Children (Year 2)
  • Renata Paiva             Hospitality (Year 3)

Terrence Smith, Chair Person


Terrence Smith -Hi.  My name is Terrence Smith.  I joined the New Hope family in 2010 having migrated from Jamaica that same year.  I am married to Winsome and we have two daughters – Jordana and Brittany.  I have been in a relationship with Christ since 1997.  At New Hope, I have been responsible for the facilities management for many years.  Now, I am the chairperson.  I appreciate your prayers for wisdom and guidance.

Winsome Smith, Treasurer


Marion Best, Care and Visitation Coordinator


Marion Best – My name is Marion Best and I serve as the care and visitation coordinator. I have been attending New Hope for 70 years – long before it was even called New Hope! I have been serving on the leadership team for the past 7 years. What I enjoy most about this church is the friendliness and the unity that I feel between the brothers and sisters. I have 5 children and 13 grandchildren, each of whom I love very much. I am married to Bob and I’m glad to be part of the leadership team at New Hope!

Joe Paiva, Facilities Management


Joe Paiva

Lynn Cover, Christian Education Coordinator


Lynn Cover – I became a Christian when I was about 30 years old at this church and have attended ever since.  I like working with children because they keep me young and it’s a good age for them to learn the truth of the gospel.

Josh McClement, Secretary



Josh McClement – Josh grew up in a small town called Hanover in Ontario Canada. He attended Emmanuel Bible College working toward a Bachelor of Religious Education with a focus on Missions. He currently works for a downtown shelter as well as at New Hope Community Church. In the past, Josh has been a Director of a nonprofit organization and has worked with those experiencing homeliness and extreme poverty, those experiencing mental disabilities and illnesses as well as children, youth, and seniors. Josh has a passion for social justice and for those marginalized by society. He enjoys painting playing hockey and spending time with his family. He has a wife Holly and four children.

Renata Paiva, Hospitality Coordinator


New Hope Community Church, thank you for entrusting me with the hospitality/social convener position.  I hope that I can fulfill my duties as assigned and trust God fully as to how he would see me fulfill my role within our church walls and within our community.  I would be happy to receive any suggestions and or comments in a loving manner to make our church continue to excel in this area.  Blessings, Renata Paiva

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